Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Whatever, I'm definitely failing at this not-blogging during finals thing.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is like... it's a masterpiece. Whatever your opinions on Ms. Rivers, I think you'd like this. It's just fascinating, and Joan is such an inspirational person. The documentary follows Joan as she goes about her stand-up circuit, does a play on her life, and explains how she is where she is. She was 75 fucking years old in this movie, and still one of the funniest people... ever. She's turning 78 on June 8th. She's fabulous.

Most of all, this is a heartbreaking and inspirational take on women in show business. She worked her ass off before she lipo-suctioned it off, and her life has been really difficult. She was blacklisted from NBC, her husband committed suicide, and she's had to deal with all the difficulties that come from the rejection in comedy, and doubly as a woman. It's really interesting to look at in terms of beauty norms, ageism, and gender, and I thought it was fantastic. Joan Rivers, you are one of my heroes.

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