Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Glee: Rumours

My thoughts on Glee:

1. Mr. Schu/William Morrison is INTOLERABLE. I find myself physically retching when he is on screen. Stop bringing in random female guest stars to fill in the gaping hole that is his personality! There is actually no point to anything he does. Also, last week I fell into some sort of BOREDOM BLACKOUT while watching and I blame him. I turned the episode on and heard him say, "welcome to booty camp!" and my attention went downhill from there. People kept telling me that it was a really good episode the next day and I read the recap on Jezebel and had missed several important plot points, because I think my mind actually went into zombie-mode to protect myself lest I have to have a rage aneurism while watching the train-wreck of a character he is. I re-watched it eventually. Did he tell Emma that her OCD was cute? OH MY GOD. He is actually the worst. So paternalistic and sexist and also irritating. Is he only attracted to women with severe psychological issues? Or are the Glee writers only comfortable writing female characters who are nuts? (My money's on the 2nd one.) If he says one more thing about his devotion to teaching I might stab my eyes and ears with thousands of needles. The existence of his character is an affront to actually good teachers. Also to actually real teachers. He sucks. I propose that his character is run over by a bus in NYC when they go to Nationals and the Glee kids have to learn how to survive without him. Which they have done before, so it won't actually make a difference other than whole episodes of Glee will be tolerable to watch again.

2. Loved the music. (Minus Mr. Schu's stuff, but I refuse to talk about him again because I am worried I will work myself into a heart attack out of rage.) The Fleetwood Mac stuff was AWESOME. Santana/Naya Rivera is my favorite singer and I want her to punch Rachel in the face and take all her solos! But I thought the Rumours album was an interesting vehicle for this episode, because um... there is way too much personal life strife going on in that club. This is not a well-run high school club.

3. I'm actually really impressed with the way Glee is handling the Brittany/Santana storyline, and it's one of the few things that remains interesting about the show. I used to love Rachel, but she's so pathetic. It is annoying that all the Glee club is like a couples thing. Omg! People don't date like that in high school.

4. Quinn does not dress like a 17 year old. I wear skirts and dresses fairly often, but that girl needs to buy a pair of jeans. Not everyone is an Anthropologie catalog, and she's not realistically dressing for a teenager in Lima, Ohio.

5. Where the eff is Mercedes? She and Tina get lumped together all the time, and I just want more Mercedes. And Tina has been interesting too when she's actually had a storyline other than just talking about how Asian she is (the only lines she has gotten this season are about her ethnicity. Me thinks the writers are sucking on this one. Non-white people have lives other than their ethnic background).

6. HAHA I LOVE FONDUE FOR TWO! Brittany's cat is awesome.

7. I'm ambivalent about the Sam-homeless plotline. He hasn't been super interesting to me, and while I like a little real-world problems injected into the fantasy land that Glee is located in, but I don't know if Rachel and Finn going over to his motel room and telling him to not quit Glee club constitutes as any sort of good social intervention on this... but it led into a great musical number.

So... as usual, really sloppy writing, but it was overall enjoyable.

Also, after reading this post on Jezebel/watching the youtube clip, I'm really enjoying imagining Glenn Beck sitting at home watching Glee and yelling, "God, this show is ruining America! The songs are so catchy! Everyone is perverted! When does this come out on DVD? I hate this so much! I'm downloading every song right now!" Hee hee hee.

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  1. This is kinda random, but I just wanted to say, I found your blog through Bitch Magazine, and I'm really liking a lot of your posts. I also watch Glee, and I agree with a lot of what you say. I stopped paying attention to the plot long ago just because so much of it is really infuriating, though I do like the Brittany/Santana subplot. Mr. Shu didn't bug me so much, but now that you mention it, I get it.