Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glee: Prom Queen

1. First off, I enjoyed this episode, thoroughly, which is rare for Glee. There were some things that were stupid, but overall it was really fun. The songs I thought were great, including Artie's awkward "Isn't She Lovely" ("Isn't this about a baby?" HAHA!) and the performance of Rebecca Black's now-classic "Friday" (the song is horrible, definitely, but I am not so bothered by it than most people--who I suspect are more self-conscious about being cool and their perceived interests in pop culture than I am--and have enjoyed the media-circus around it.) was really fun and high school appropriate. Also, LOVED the Rachel Berry/Jessie St. James version of "Rolling in the Deep." (They covered John Legend's cover of the song, which is originally by Adele. Confusing. Yes.)

2. I thought the demur psycho-Quinn piano music was especially hilarious in this episode. They've been featuring it pretty frequently in her machinations for prom-queen popularity, but it's just so creepy and repressed and perfect.

3. There was a full strings section at prom? Okay, I'll buy it. That's not the most unrealistic thing to happen on Glee.

4. I was surprised (/delighted) that Will Scheuster was not a chaperone. I mean... maybe he was and I didn't notice but it struck me as odd that they didn't include him, but I'm okay with it because I dislike his character that much.

5. Jessie St. James is like definitely a d-bag, but he's kind of hilarious. The contrast between his and Rachel's insane levels of self-absorption is believable. So I loved their cover of "Rolling in the Deep" not only because it was vocally awesome, but it was very in line with their characters. Side note--let's get those tech kids who spontaneously provided backup a'cappella vocals for the glee club next year! Gotta get some new blood.

6. Rachel: "Most girls would be upset about being slapped in the face, but I happen to appreciate the drama of it." HAH!

7. I really liked the moment Kurt and Karofsky had in the hallway, it was really humanizing and believable. I had avoided the leak about prom king and queen, so when they announced it I was surprised. And I think it was dealt with really well. The writers clearly love Kurt, so he gets a.) the best story lines and b.) usually the only really believable dialogue. But I loved how they handled it and that "Dancing Queen" was the song they danced to! (Side note: I went to a gay bar for my friend's 21st birthday the day after this episode and they played the Glee "Dancing Queen" music video. Not a surprise.) Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton indeed.

8. The Psycho Quinn Prom Queen storyline had annoyed me basically from the start, but I think it ended well. I was so not sympathizing with her character at all, even with the "scandal" of her "fake" good looks, but her chat with Rachel in the bathroom about being scared for what happens after high school I thought was really good. I went to hippie-private school where prom wasn't a big deal and we didn't have prom king/queen (or like, quintessentially popular people) so this is always something that I've never really understood in high school movies and TV. But finally Quinn's motivations were cleared up, but what it actually made me think about is that none of the characters on Glee are smart. Like, there's a big to-do about Brittany, Santana, Finn and Puck being kind of slow, but in general, there's no character who actually is portrayed to be smart. So first of all this is making me wonder about the future of Glee, few high school shows survive the transition to college, but what the heck are the characters going to do after high school? They haven't really been shown to have anything going for them other than singing and dancing, and I know quite a few vocal performance majors--that's not really a realistic career path. But should it matter if TV characters are smart?

9. Sue's writing has been weak this season. Disappointing.

10. Again, Mercedes get's half a storyline, and then fades into the background.

11. Love Brittany and Santana! They're great. This was a good episode for them, although it ended weirdly with Santana's promise to move to a lesbian colony or Tribeca. Kurt and Blaine interactions are always sweet and reserved and well-written, while Brittany and Santana conversations usually border on the absurd.

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  1. what was the piano music that they kept playing in this episode ??