Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smart Girls!

WHOOPS, lied, one more post til I disappear into paper-writing oblivion for the next week. I just could not pass up sharing these.

Click HERE for a clip of Amy Poehler's speech at the Time 100 (via Jezebel, as always) in which she thanks the wonderful nannies who take care of her children while she does cool stuff in entertainment! I took a class my freshman year and then was a peer teacher in it my sophomore year in which we talked a lot about the work of nannies and domestic employees and they almost never get recognized, so I love that Amy is acknowledging that her success as a female in comedy is partly because she gets a lot of help at home!

While I was reading the comments below the video, I read one that referenced Amy's Smart Girls at the Party series which I had never heard of and I CANNOT BELIEVE I HADN'T, because it's so great! Here is the episode "Ruby the Feminist," in which 7.5 year old Ruby is interviewed about her exuberant devotion to feminist ideals. Love that girl! I totally would have been friends with her when I was 7.5.

Find more videos like this on Smart Girls at the Party

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