Thursday, April 21, 2011

Glee: a Writer's Room of Neglect

My problems with the episode, "A Night of Neglect"

1.) Sue's jokes were out of hand. They were too offensive. I was uncomfortable. Actually a lot of the jokes tonight were fairly offensive. Shame on you, writers! Not funny! I don't want to be the PC-police, but whatever you're doing is really not working.

2.) Mercedes' is finally given a (small) storyline and it's all about her being a stereotypical diva? I'm sick of this. Amber Riley can act, give that girl something to work with! If her character fades away into obscurity again, I'm going to be ROYALLY ANNOYED.

3.)Where the CRAP are these kids' parents? Not at the benefit? What the crap do they do?? EVEN LAURYN HILL'S MOTHER MADE IT TO THE COMPETITION IN SISTER ACT II. This is preposterous. If all the parents went there would have been at least 20 people. Where are Rachel's gay dads? If they have a shrine to her in the basement, they should definitely be in the front row of all of her performances. At least advertise this "benefit" at a senior center or something, when I was in high school, we went and performed at retirement homes. I sang for SO MANY OLD PEOPLE. They give money to talented students' music programs. It's not that hard. All of the adults on this show are incompetent. As are the people who write them.

4.) Gwen rocked her musical number, but her character is so odd. I oscillate between liking her (her heart-to-heart with the hecklers was great, as was her talk with Brittany and Santana a few episodes ago) and thinking that she's a random and terribly written character. She's mostly a lame character, and a time-filler to add erroneous "drama" while the writers are busy huffing glue.

5.) Sandy is a "predatory gay"??? I'm not okay with that! Bad stereotypes, bad!

6.) Lazy way to fix the money problems, good job, writers-- not.

7.) What crack have the writers been smoking? This was actually one of the worst-written episodes of Glee and of any television show in general (and I watched Gossip Girl until season 4).


However, I will say, I liked the honey badger reference. If Terri Schuester is like any animal, it is definitely the honey badger.

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  1. Lazy way to fix the money problems, good job, writers-- not.