Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes I Hate Facebook. A Lot. Because it Reminds me that I Hate People.

I was invited to an event on facebook called "GIRLS ONLY" that is described with the following drivel:
Ewmygod. Last October I posted about the complete non-sequitor that is the bra-game in facebook statuses, and this one is worse. First of all, at least the stupid bra-game was "sort of" related to Breast cancer awareness. You know... boobs, bras... This piece of crap event says clearly that it's really only to "screw with guys' minds."

Ughhhhh... First of all, one of the inherent critiques to the bra-game is that if we are intentionally leaving men out from the game, then you are only bringing "awareness" (if you can even call it that) to a very select group of people. This one has absolutely no point other than to reinforce the idea that girls have to play games and be coy to be alluring. First of all, if anyone posted any of these, I'd just think they were eating or hungry or something, I wouldn't be wondering of they were prescribing some secret meaning to their relationship status. And besides the obvious point that this event heterosexistly leaves out people who aren't looking for or in heterosexual relationships with men, this event is just a convoluted waste of time that's reinforcing lame stereotypes that girls are dumb and boy-crazy. And more importantly, I find all this stuff irritating and groan-worthy so I have to complain about it or explode instead of immediately deleting the invitation. Just stop! Just be people! Anyway, the stupid thing is happening on Wednesday, so here's my "warning."

And for a better critique on how men and women shouldn't play games with each other... Miss Lauryn Hill:

By the way, I don't actually hate people. Only a little bit. Some things just really irritate me, and these kinds of shenanigans get under my skin and make me lose faith in humanity a little bit.


  1. Yeah, I got sent this about a month ago and I replied with several links to breast cancer awareness websites that they could post instead. As amazing as I believed this was, I got nothing but negative feedback. Most people said that my idea was stupid and gave the wrong message. Really? Actual awareness is sending the wrong message? People really do tick me off :/

  2. b-cuz boiz don't lyke skrry in4mayshun

    Yeah... In the end it's really about getting personal attention and not constructive attention. Thank's society

  3. haha ewwmygod
    oh i love your posts :)


  4. I don't think you should prescribe your normative ethics as a reasonable option for people who, realistically speaking, are never going to adopt them. Also, why must awareness always be all-inclusive? Awareness is a good thing whether it is extended to five people or five thousand. Just let people write what they want on stupid social networking sites.

  5. I hate some people too! The bra game, but this too, is totally downplaying how serious breast cancer is by saying the worst thing about breast cancer is that you could have to get a masectomy and everybody knows you can't be sexy without boobs! We better remind men that we're sexy and coy so they support the cause to cure breast cancer and keep us that way.