Monday, March 21, 2011


So I saw Salt-N-Pepa almost a month ago now... blog-FAIL!

Salt-N-Pepa's Legends of Hip Hop tour is marketed to a very specific audience, of which I am really to young and too white to actually belong to. HOWEVER, I really enjoyed the concert. Doug E. Fresh and Naughty by Nature were fun to watch, and Kurtis Blow (the man is OLD! he had the first signed hip-hop album) was adorably elderly, Kool Moe Dee didn't make a huge impression on me... but in general it was a really fun concert and it was fun to see how much the crowd appreciated this walk down nostalgia lane.

But clearly, Salt-N-Pepa were the highlight. Salt became quite religious several years back, and when they started touring again a couple years ago she was kind of hesitant about some of their old songs, and because of this, they no longer perform "Let's Talk About Sex." What?? But they performed a bunch of the staples, "Tramp," "I'll Take Your Man," "Push It," and "Shoop." Since it's a multi-artist tour, they were on a tight schedule and performed shortened versions of their classics and hurried through a short set... Honestly, I would have paid just as much to see just Salt-N-Pepa and have them perform longer. However, it was still a really fun concert and my friend Sara and I were really happy that we'd gone.

In related news, I'm writing about the intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality for female rappers in a paper for my Gender Theory class so I'm excited to be synthesizing some of the stuff I'm reading for the paper and here. There'll be more soon!

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