Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Pumped Up

One day, as I was doing my homework for my Gender Theory class, waiting for cookies to bake, and listening to my "workout" playlist on my ipod (it was a rare day... I had gone to the gym that morning), I realized that my playlist had a lot of really misogynistic music on it. I realized this as I was humming along to "Shake That" by Eminem (featuring Nate Dogg). With the homework and the baking and the Eminem, there were too many stereotypes happening simultaneously. Upon this realization, I laughed, but felt very conflicted. My workout playlist has changed very little over the past few years, and is dominated by a lot of male rap artists. Not all of them are bad rap songs, but listening to it the other day made me realize how much misogynistic music I have on my ipod and listen to on a normal basis without thinking about it. Perhaps I should make a new, better, less misogynistic work out playlist? (Yes)

So I revamped my playlist to eliminate sexist music and prevent further moral dilemmas. Now the only problem is making sure no one ever knows what I'm listening to because there's some serious guilty-pleasure songs on here. This is what I got (featuring male and female artists in awesome and gender-neutral songs) to get pumped up for some exercise:

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