Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tolerance, Understanding and Education

I saw this fantastic video was posted on Microaggressions (a really great tumblr, check it out) and wanted to highlight their website, Drop the I-Word. The site explains:

Use of the I-Word affects attitudes toward immigrants and non-immigrants alike, including people of color who come here from all over the world. The racially discriminatory message is not explicit, but hidden, or “coded.”

The term has deliberately been made popular in the media by a web of people and organizations that both promote anti-immigrant sentiment and encourage fear and division instead of facts and understanding.

This has happened in the past with other communities. The good news is that together we can Drop the I-Word and hold media and public servants accountable.

So watch the video, send the link out, and sign the pledge at And remember, no human being is illegal.

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