Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feminist Hollywood?

From MovieLine:
What’s your take on the success of the R-rated comedy, from the dawn of the Apatow era up to now, and how the genre has evolved? Where does No Strings Attached fit into the mix?

Well, his was an evolution of what I did originally, with Animal House and Stripes. So I think that no one owns it. But this [No Strings Attached] is really quite different, it’s really a feminist-based R-rated film whose tonality is really different than the movies that Judd Apatow has made.
[Ears perk up] Hm? Did producer Ivan Reitman just say ... the F WORD?!

Yes, folks, you have heard correctly. A mainstream Hollywood producer has just said that a mainstream rom com with an A-list cast is "feminist." Cue the choir of angels and the confetti and pop that champagne! Can feminist be mainstream? Can feminist be romantic? And funny!?

I am hoping that it is. I'm not really into rom coms... or Ashton Kutcher... and despite that annoying TV spot where Ashton and Natalie pretend to be the movie-announcer guy and tell viewers to go see the movie in a "funny, charming way" (which makes me want to GAG!), I'm going to check the movie out. I had heard interesting things about it, and Ivan Reitman's assertion that the movie is feminist (in a white... heterosexual way) has definitely piqued my interest. If, in fact, the movie turns out to be good and funny and feminist... I will be ecstatic. Just having bought Easy A (another mainstream feminist movie from the past year), I'm hoping that this beginning of a pattern... this hint that Hollywood is warming up to the idea of mainstream, sexually independent, funny, smart, and interesting female characters... will only continue. I mean, when I heard that Mindy Kaling wanted to write romantic comedies I practically pooped myself in delight. I mean, if anyone can convert me to the genre, it's probably her. And I read (via Jezebel) that the writer of No Strings Attached is a feminist screenwriter. I am intrigued.

What do YOU think? Can Hollywood produce a mainstream feminist romantic comedy? Are we moving in the right direction?

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