Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY: Necklace holder

So I definitely stole this idea from one of my friends, and I think she might have found it somewhere but I don't actually know this. She happens to be an incredibly crafty, talented, and resourceful person so it might have just occurred to her out of sheer geniosity. In any case, I'm sharing this idea with you.

This is my beautiful necklae holder:

One of my new housemates visited my room and complimented me on it, and I told her how to make it when I really should have said, "If you give me $20 I can make you one." Missed opportunities! Oh, well... Anyway. It is easy-peasy, makes figuring out what necklace to wear in the morning super convenient, and actually reminds me that I have necklaces that look nice and that I should wear because when they are all lumped in a little old box (my previous method) I forget about them/don't feel like hunting through the layers of tangled necklaces. This way, my morning styling routine is made easier and better, and it just also looks nice. Also, I like making things.

Step 1: Acquire a wooden frame. Any crafts store will have options. Mine is 8x10 and dark to match the other furniture in my room. It cost about $8. You can probably find them for cheaper. I live in the city, and my craft store resources are limited.
Step 2: Acquire nails or cup hooks. My friend who inspired me to make one of my own used nails, and I used cup cooks. Go with what you prefer. It's a style thing.
these are cup hooks

Step 3: Nail your nails into the front part of the frame, half an inch or an inch apart. If you use cup hooks, simply screw them in. The frame I got has some depth to it, so I screwed the hooks in under the lip of the frame. (Cup hooks also do not require the use of tools... just sayin'.) I fit 10 cup hooks in my frame. See picture.

see? under the lip in the frame

Step 4: Mount on wall. I used that removable wall-stick stuff, so if you do that, make sure you look at how much weight the sticky stuff can support. There are differences.
Step 5: Hang all your stylish neckware. Wait for people to stop by your room and admire your personal style in necklace choice, as well as super coolness in displaying them so hiply.
Step 6: Be pleased with yourself. Good job, you.

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  1. Thanks :) I just made it. Super easy and fast