Monday, January 31, 2011

Balls of Pride

Balls of Pride from Jacob Sempler on Vimeo.

I think this is a really interesting idea. One of the things I have noticed, in taking many a women's studies course, is that straight men (and men in general) are often... absent. This semester, interestingly, I am taking 4 women's studies courses that actually do have male students in them. And male students that I think (and hope) will not drop the course after a couple weeks (which I have seen happen before). And while I do not know the sexual identity of most of the guys in my classes, I think there are at least a few straight ones in my "Gender in America" class. It's a GenEd, the last is large (around 100 people) and there are about 15 male students, so I figure some of them might be straight. Gender in America is a pretty neutral title and is cross listed in the sociology department as well, so this may be a contributing factor in these male students interest in taking the class. But I am really excited to have men in women studies/gender studies classes this semester because it really is going to add another level to the discussion. Whether they are gay or straight, I am really looking forward to their perceptions and observations in the class.

Anyway, I thought this video from GLAAD was really thought-provoking and I'm interested to see how men react to this way of thinking about gender/sexuality and openness.

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  1. I just discovered your blog after reading the article you wrote for The FBomb, which was great! I am taking a class called Contemporary Women's History which I am looking forward to when the next quarter starts. It shall be interesting to see how many men are in the class- if any at all- although I do hope their are a few. It would be nice to hear different opinions. Also, I must say you have a wonderful blog too! :)