Sunday, December 12, 2010

Women and Movies

Here are a few links to blogs about women and the movie industry

Women & Hollywood- this blog reviews and reports on women's issues in the entertainment business, Hollywood, and portrayals in film.

The Hathor Legacy - this is similar to Women & Hollywood, but I like it because it has, I think, a lot more criticisms about the inner-workings of the Hollywood Movie Making standards that leave women out systematically.

Birds Eye View- this site features articles and news about films made my international female filmmakers.

Since I just wrote about Tangled, here's this great post from Girl w/ Pen about it. The whole thing is great, it's really critical of how Disney sees movies with female main characters as for girls and movies with male main characters as gender neutral. I thought this part was especially good:

She is, no doubt, an improvement on Snow White, who could only sing to animals and happily clean up after seven dwarves. Yet, as Scott Mendelson indicates, her bravery is framed in a “condescending ‘girl-power’ punch or two” way – it is the exception to her character, rather than the rule. While Flynn is all masculine adventure, power, and cunning, she is all long blonde locks with a hint of you-go-girl attitude to appease a 21st century audience.

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