Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For Every Girl...

I first saw this poster when I was a first-year staff member at a summer camp in my staff notebook. Before each summer, every staff member comes a week early to talk about procedures and child development. This poster definitely spoke to me and in each of my 4 years as a staff member, I have always been happy when we turned to that page.

I saw this poster again in one of my favorite professor's offices last year when I went to go talk to her about peer-teaching for her in one of her classes (which I did), and we both talked about how much we liked it.

One of my favorite things about this poster is that it is a reminder that whatever children are showing us might not be what they're feeling. One of the most interesting things about working with kids with such a huge age range (age 7-15) is that they're all in such developmentally different places. And even among kids the same age, some kids just figure out who they are and what they like earlier in life. And other kids really struggle with their desires to fit in and be a person they like being. I think this poster could be useful to children, but I feel like it's much more aimed at adults. I wish there was (and maybe there is) some sort of campaign or poster series like this aimed at children to demonstrate how they should like what they're doing no matter if it's a "gendered" activity aimed at the opposite gender.

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