Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ah... Twitter trending topics.

I look at the twitter trending topics every once in awhile because I think it's interesting to see when pop culture or news gets in them... today I noticed that #femalesneedto became a trending topic. I was interested to see how the tweets looked.

(Note: these tweets were posted by both men and women, and I have removed/blocked out their usernames)

some of the tweets were nice, like this one

but a lot of them were, unsurprisingly, like this.

and you should understand that if you reference "man law," I will think you are stupid.

I agree, few ladies can pull off acting like farming equipment.

nothing says realness like twitter

I agree with this one actually. It's just not a practical look in any weather.

I don't even know what that is...

True that, sister!

So it wasn't a surprise that the twitterverse was spewing a whole lot of stereotypical and/or offensive things about women, which made reading the intelligent tweets all the nicer. There are loads more... but like youtube comments and actually most comments on just about any website that serves a gigantic amount of people, aren't really worth anything.

The reason I posted all of these (mostly trash) tweets is because it's important to realize the effect of these all encompassing statements. The tweets about females needing to be less promiscuous (or whatever) are meant for a certain stereotype but are disseminated in a really base, general way that seem like all women are golddiggers or bitches or gossipy (or whatever). It is quite possible that some of the people who posted these lame tweets are interesting, intelligent people who get caught up in stereotypes and the pull of internet joinerism. (That is blatantly not a word.) But it's sad that sexism is such a strong force in our society that men and women can so readily pull out these stereotypical statements about what women should or should not do and post them with pride (I mean... it's on twitter... anyone can see it. You're posting it SO people see what you're writing).

And as I often feel after being on the internet for too long, I am losing faith in the American education system.

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