Monday, October 4, 2010

Whip it!

I may or may not be ruining the legal film industry, but I am sure that I am supporting a lot of nice Ecuadorian families with the American glee with which I buy bootlegs here. They're cheaper than renting in the US, so I am definitely taking advantage of my time here to catch up on the movies that I missed in theaters, was "waiting to rent," or was too embarrassed to see in theaters. (Ahem... 17 Again... terrible movie by the way. I should have just paid attention to the review on F-Bomb... I agreed with all points.)

So, after watching two horribly clich├ęd movies (17 Again and Valentine's Day), I watched WHIP IT, which... why the hell haven't I seen this movie before now? First of all, it has a rockin' cast of feministy actresses (Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Wiig, Juliette Lewis, Alia Shawkat, and Eve), and was just a really good movie. I'm kind of a sucker for sports movies (I really don't know why... I'm going to estimate that I've spent more time watching sports movies than I have spent playing or watching sports in real life), and those tend to be kind of male dominated. But Whip It, about one girl's (Ellen Page) coming into herself at the Texas Roller Derby is a totally badass sports movie about ladies. The cast is majority female, and it's clear that these women are tough, strong, and capable athletes as well as regular people during the day (loooved Kirsten Wiig's character). Friendship as well as badassness is central to the movie, and it gets pulled off in a pretty NOT CHEESY WAY (why does this seem like such a difficult feat for most screenwriters?).

ALSO, I did appreciate how the movie strayed away from adding the cheesy romantic make-up, like most movies do. (I watched The Last Song last week--I like Miley Cyrus, okay?--and while I acknowledge it's terrible, I enjoyed it, but did snort really loudly when the guy comes back in the end.) There are so many movies that have these like... unnecessary romantic plot lines that just feel like they're tossed in to satisfy this ridiculous pattern that movies about women must feature a romance of some kind.

Anyway, I'm super pleased with this one, and am definitely adding this to my list of favorite feminist flicks.

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