Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What do you think?

So I've been a pretty avid Bo Burnham fan for awhile (since he first started posting odd raps recorded in his bedroom in high school) and was excited that he's finally come out with some new stuff.

I like Bo and I think he does a good job integrating shock comedy into really cleverly delivered lines. And definitely his hawkwardness (hot-awkwardness) is a plus. So... what do you think of this song?

In addition to a bunch of what have become pretty standard racy/shocking lines for him ("i gotta dick full of helium, i'll fuck you up."), he has a few lines in here about fucking girls, which is not new either for his lyrics. For those of you who don't stalk Bo like I do... he has a girlfriend and has been dating her since high school (she's pretty, I've looked at his profile pictures on facebook...). So why the lines about having sex with other women? This I'm going to defend: his lyrics are pretty clearly satiric. All of his songs are over-the-top ridiculous; either obscene puns, stories about his awkwardness, and just a lot of really funny crap about pop culture. The fact that Bo's this awkward white guy rapping in his bedroom is part of the joke. And ... I do think he's a feminist.

The last verse of "Words, Words, Words" is:
bitches and hoes, bo's hoes, oh, bitches and hoes, bitches, hoes.
bitches and hoes don't exist because the hoes know bo's a feminist,
bitches and hoes don't exist because the hoes know bo's a feminist
so take off your bras and burn em or you can let me burn em
take off your bras and burn em, or you can let bo burnham burn em.

While I don't like the words bitches and hos, I do appreciate their comedic value. And I appreciate that Bo puts it out there that he's a feminist, when there are so many people who are, and shy away from the word. So... do you guys like the irony? Or are you offended? I for one... like it.


  1. I love Bo. A very very intelligent individual, and he's coming from a sincere place with his music and comedy. Also, would it be a fair point to make that Bo serves as a very good example against the notion "feminists can't take a joke"?

  2. I think personally that's it's sad that Bo is a feminist. It often limits his comedy as he will sometime avoid a direction that he's going in because it might be offensive.