Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Does Geena Davis Rock? Let me tell you...

Other than being an award winning actress, a model, and almost an Olympian, Geena Davis is a feminist and gender-discrimination activist.

She founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media after noticing that... hey, there aren't that many female characters or significant female characters in media for children. The GDIGM is a rockin' idea, and other than research, they have the "See Jane" program, which
SEE JANE is a program of the Institute that utilizes research, education and advocacy to engage the entertainment industry and recognize the need for gender balance and varied portrayals of females and male characters into movies, TV, and other media aimed at children 11 and under. We work cooperatively and collaboratively with entertainment creators to encourage them to be leaders in creating positive change.
So... yeah. That's why Geena Davis rocks. Because it is one thing to watch movies and think to yourself, "Wow, women and girls are not represented in the media," and another thing to raise awareness, get the facts, and do something about it.

Check this video of Geena Davis and Soledad O'Brien speaking at the Social Good Summit.

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