Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anti-Progress, Anti-American

Sigh. It is difficult to watch such ignorance, but I think it's important to make a few points clear. I'm going to be going in order of the video (New Left Media videos are GREAT, and I suggest subscribing on youtube. )

(PS: I'm a little horrified that I have a shirt very similar to the one that the woman at 00:30 is wearing, but I'm also glad that I wear it ironically... )

"Taking Back America": Okay, so this in conservo-speak basically means = traditional values, Christianity, and social conservativism. None of the people in this video were really able to pinpoint a specific way that America has been tragically abducted, but this is because these people have such deep seated politically-incorrect beliefs, that they are not even sure how to express them. Racism and bigotry are so deeply embedded in their ideology, that they can't even recognize that what they are saying is colored with discrimination, anti-progress, and ignorance. I don't want to say that they are stupid people, because I believe that they are not inherently stupider than most people. (By and large.) However, I think this goes to show how ignorance and bigotry can infiltrate a person and make them open to all these ridiculous, unfounded, and backwards ideas while they are completely closed off to what the rest of us know is the truth.

"We're #1!": It only takes a few simple google searches to see how America pales in comparison to much of the rest of the world. This is not a trend that is new with the Obama administration, but quality of life in America has been declining since the mid-20th century. Countries with social democratic governments/governmental programs (France, Sweden, Norway...) have higher qualities of life than the United States. Yes, it is social democracy, cousin of socialism that is propelling these countries into being the best. People in America are ignorant of what socialism is, and we're paying for that ignorance. (Um... check it, we have public schools and socialized roads... I believe socialism has been in the US for awhile.) In the video, America is spoken of as the "last bastion of hope." What? I'm pretty sure there are several more countries that are incredibly similar to the US... and also better.

Racism: The rally-goers speak of Obama dividing the nation. I just... I can't. I have really no response to that that does turn into me angry-babbling. Obama is no Superman, but he's really not a bad President. There are lots of critiques to be said, but as for him "dividing the nation," it is only felt by the people who are looking to create divisions. One of the women in the video says that it's not disrespectful to hold the rally on the anniversary of MLK Jr's "I have a Dream" speech because the blacks don't own MLK, as the caucasians don't own George Washington. That sounds like some pretty divisive language to me. It seems that ethnicity and heritage are only dividing factors when they are visible (nowadays). Which unfortunately for Obama, means that the people in this country who believe him to be racist against white people are overlooking the fact that he is half-white. They are associating skin color with terror--and choosing to remain ignorant. George W. Bush is (if I am correct) English, French, and German, but you didn't see Americans of those heritages trying to claim that he was an English President or conversely, there were not people claiming that he was preferential to Americans of French-heritage. (In fact, the usual complaint was that he didn't care about non-whites.) Furthermore, the claims about Islam (toward the end of the video) are just plain racist and ignorant. There's no way around it. There are more Muslims in the world than there are Americans, and the majority of Muslims don't go around blowing things up. Muslims are not terrorists. Some terrorists are Muslims. And some terrorists are American. And if it weren't clear to you, accusing Obama of not being an American citizen is racist. And this is sadly something that a lot of people believe because they are too blinded by their bigotry to get past the fact that yes, there are people in the US who are not white, and yes, they are as legitimately citizens as they are.

Oh, and by the way, Glen Beck DID call Barack Obama a racist.

Questioning Obama's Intentions: Why the HELL would someone run for President and not like America? Really, that baffles me.

These people hate Muslims: They are racists.

Hatred for immigrants: Alright, this is a complicated issue, but really? Dude who says he knows what the Native Americans felt-- no you don't, you fucking racist. Immigration should be a better, more inclusive process. And for the people who "hate" undocumented workers, stop buying cheap produce! I think we should have working wages for everyone, not practical slave labor at the hands of incredibly vulnerable people! (Undocumented workers.) If you are continuing to buy grapes and vegetables and whatever produce at a really low price (as one example of one of the ways undocumented workers make our spending lives cheaper and easier) you're contributing to bringing them here. That's it. The history of immigration in the US is a long, and not happy story, and it was not so easy for the majority of immigrants. "Anchor babies" are a myth, these people are uninformed, and racist.

All in all, these people, who do have some scarily legitimate political power because of their sheer numbers, are regurgitating half-formed half-truths (and lots of full-lies) that they get from not really legitimate news sources.


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  2. It is very unfortunate that there are extremist people who do commit murder and acts of terrorism. The solution is not to kill the culture associated with those people, but to try and remedy extremism in all forms. Christian extremism is just as detrimental and harmful to a progressive society as Islamic extremism, but people are more afraid of Muslim extremists because they do not understand Islam, and are afraid of non-white people.