Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More about Teens

I highly recommend the F-Bomb blog. Blogs are totes the new zines, and this one is a good testament to how the internet is being used for good (and not evil).

All posts are written by teens, and reading their writing reminds me of my high school experiences, especially this post, and I will share with you this great section:
But the fact that I call myself a feminist does not mean that every single thing that I project into the world will be tinged with feminist ideology.Ergo – I don’t exactly stomp around school screaming, “STOP OBJECTIFYING ME!”What I mean to say is, people believe in Christianity. Christianity, as I imagine is true with most other religions, encompasses religious ideology as well as values, a certain lifestyle, and views on issues. But do we really say, oh that’s THE Christian, or question Christians when they don’t project an image of Christianity into the world through everything they do? And yet I’m considered Julie, THE feminist.Maybe this is one reason why people are so hesitant to identify as feminists. People have this idea of what a feminist looks and acts like and feel that they don’t fit that one mold, so therefore they couldn’t possibly be one. Well, news flash: feminism is not a set mold you fit into. You don’t decide to be a feminist, then become a stereotype. Feminism is just a culmination of beliefs, your beliefs, that are just part of what make you an individual.I am a feminist, but I am not a stereotype.

This isn't groundbreaking stuff by any means, but it's important. It seems like a pretty simple explanation... which makes it all the more frustrating that people continue to just not get it!

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