Monday, June 7, 2010


Saturday night my friend Bekah and I got to see Taylor Swift.

I've got some mad love for Taylor. I think she's a really impressive person. And, seeing her at Gillette Stadium only made me more impressed. Playing for 55,000 people at age 20? That's kind of a big deal. Also being the first female performer to headline a show at Gillette--let alone a SOLD OUT show--is also mad impressive.

I will concede--a lot of her songs are about love. OK. That's nothing new. But I appreciate that they are the age-appropriate small-love kinds of songs. It's not like 15 year old Demi Lovato singing "Get Back" (which vocally, is awesome)... Taylor's songs are actually about real experiences. And her bitter, you're-going-to-pay-for-this songs are some of my faves.

In general, it was a night of a whole lotta girl-power. Bekah and I were among the older demographic attending... the median age was around 12-14, but there were also plenty of 5 year olds. In between elaborate performances of her most popular songs, Taylor spoke to the audience (all 55,000 of us) and said that anyone can achieve their dreams--a couple years ago she was a girl singing songs to herself on the floor of her bedroom. And now she's a record-breaking pop-country artist.

One of my favorite songs of hers is "Fifteen," a song about her and her best friend looking back and realizing that things that seemed like a big deal then actually aren't. I'm really glad for this song and I think it's somewhat landmark in that it's a pop(-country) song about girls learning to slow down in trying to grow up and is frank advice coming from someone who is relatively young saying that girls should be themselves and have bigger dreams than dating football players. It's not that complicated, but it's hard to find that message anywhere in the media these days. Even Disney Channel shows are super focused kids to dating each other and acting older than they really are. What kind of a message is that? But "Fifteen" gives that common-sense mom-ish advice... without it actually coming from a mom. (Because who at 15 really wants to listen to their mothers? They want to listen to people slightly older and cooler than they are.)

Anyway, congrats, Taylor on finishing your 15-month Fearless Tour. Keep it up.

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