Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movie Time: Gracie

Despite the fact that I have the athletic ability (and interest in althetics) of a lampshade, I do for some reason love the happy-ending, inspirational sports movies. God, I love all of them. It really doesn't matter what sport--if it's about people over coming odds to win a game, especially when based on a true story, I'll love it!

So tonight, after Netflix told me I should watch Gracie on instant watch (my favorite thing in the world), my sister and I crowded around the laptop to watch the based-on-a-true-story, inspirational sports flick.

Gracie is based on Elizabeth Shue's (who plays Gracie's mother in the movie! Cool, right?) experiences advocating for women's sports as a teenager! Even after Title IX, in 1978, Gracie runs up against a wall when trying to get onto the boys' soccer team (there is no girls' team). However, with lots of training, some inspirational music, and a happy predictable ending, Gracie proves all the sexist losers wrong.

So... I mean, the movie's ending is pretty obvious from the opening scene of the movie. However, I was expecting a clean-cut Disney production-esque movie (Carly Schroeder WAS Melina from "Lizzie McGuire...") , but I was pleasantly surprised in how realistic it seemed. There's some mild swearing, drinking, and hooking up, and the acting is actually pretty good! I enjoyed it.

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