Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where's Feminism?

"For anyone born after the early 1960s, the presence of feminism in our lives is taken for granted. For our generation, feminism is like fluoride. We scarely notice that we have it--it's simply in the water."
-Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards in Manifesto

In our culture, sometimes it's hard to see how feminism is making an impact. Wish you knew about places where feminism is? Loud and proud?

About-Face is a website that seeks to give women and girls the knowledge needed to fight harmful messages the media puts out against women. You might not even notice how women are portrayed in advertisments--but About-Face has a gallery of offenders as well as a gallery of winners with pictures and video of bad and good advertisments, and questions for you (the person who is taking the media in) to think about. How are women being portrayed? Realistically? Offensively? How are the good advertisements working to help how women are portrayed in the media?

Bitch Magazine: A feminist response to pop culture. Bitch is both a print magazine (released quarterly) and a website (with separate, free, blog content) that is not dissimilar to the format of other popular magazines targeted towards women and young girls. There are album and movie reviews, articles, pictures, interviews... however, unlike other popular magazines targeted towards women and young girls, Bitch does so with a feminist lens, and seeks to empower women in their lives, rather than tell them how they should/shouldn't dress... you know.

Bust Magazine, like Bitch, was started as a zine in the early 90s, and has turned into a bi-monthy, glossy, women's-lifestyle magazine. The magazine covers music, crafts, sex, politics, and celebrities (the feminist ones), and declares itself as a magazine "For Women With Something To Get Off Their Chests." Both Bitch and Bust run ads that you probably wouldn't find in mainstream women's magazines-- not for facewash or lipstick, but for cool t-shirts, pro-women services, and independent crafters.

Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing. Jezebel is a blog for women who look at mainstream media with both fascination and disgust. (Me!) Feminists are not just people who sit at home and knit and complain about men--they are people who watch movies and TV (and ENJOY THEM), read magazines, and listen to music... You can enjoy something or be amused by it, and still want more. Jezebel is like your funny friend who looks at you watching some commercial and says, "Are you kidding me?" is a community blog devoted to letting young feminists speak their minds. Because we have got a lot to say! covers news, famous people, advice, history... by and for feminists.

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