Monday, April 5, 2010

Shame on You, PETA

For an organization that advocates on behalf of exploited animals, PETA sure has no problem exploiting women's bodies in their advertisements.

The recent photo of a naked Joanna Krupa is drawing ire from the Catholic Church, but it should be getting attention from women who are fed up with PETA's complete disregard for the respect of women's bodies.

Personally, I have no problem with nakedness. I like skinny-dipping, I like the freedom of being naked. I'm not against celebrities who take their clothes off in movies.

However, I am against the fact that the celebrities who go naked are mostly and disproportionately women. I am against the fact that women's bodies are used to sell everything from shampoo to lipstick to tractors as objects. Women's bodies are sexualized and commodified, turning them into the same thing that they are trying to sell: something to be consumed. I know that I am not something to be consumed. I am a person! And so are all the women whose breasts, butts, legs, and hips, are used to sell stuff.

So, shame on you, PETA. It's a hypocritical message you're spreading, advocating for the humanity of animals and dehumanizing women to do so. Surely, you should be able to recognize that.

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