Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Want some good old-fashioned boo-ya reading material?

Here are 33 short readings to make you happy about being yourself. You can never get enough of that!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rape Culture

Today when I was walking home from class I saw this:

Every day I pass this advertisement, and it's been there for ... a couple months maybe? This kind of imagery is so normalized for me, and most people, that I don't even remember when it went up. It's just a funny picture. Lady's legs! Football helmet! Two things that don't go together!

But today, I noticed this ad. I see it everyday, but I don't notice it. Today, someone wrote the words, "THIS IS WHAT RAPE CULTURE LOOKS LIKE" across the glass. Today, I noticed.

Although I've taken classes in which misogynistic ads are analyzed and I have a heightened awareness of what I am seeing in magazines, TV shows, movies (etc.), the subjugation of women in the media is SO normalized that it is really difficult! Especially the things that you see every day.
I thought this video was a good take on defining and demonstrating the scope of rape culture:

Last semester I saw the documentary, Killing Us Softly, in a women's studies class. I know... documentary... sounds boring. But if you like pop culture, like I do, and see thousands of advertisements, like I do, and are at all interested in the "hidden agendas" of such ads, like I am, I think you will appreciate this video (this is the first part of four):

It's not exactly a video you would go out and buy immediately, but it is good for making you think. How do I participate in rape culture? Does my subscription to Vogue promote the subjugation of women in advertising?
While it's kind of a lot to take in, and often elicits rolling my eyes at certain advertisements, on the upside, I have become more aware of positive advertisements. When an ad features a woman looking strong and carries an empowering message--I notice. And I remember that brand over others.
What do you notice?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pro-Choice Heroes

While the CBS anti-choice commerical is raging, there are those who are speaking up for the rights of women. While you may decide for yourself to never have an abortion, to restrict the ability of other women to have control over their bodies is a terrible tragedy. The term "Pro-Choice" is as it says, it supports women in making choices for themselves. Many women who are pro-choice like babies, have babies, and will never get an abortion. The term "Pro-Life," more accurately is "Anti-Choice." No one should have the power to strip the autonomy of women over their own bodies. Do what you want. Don't have sex, have sex (with a condom), have a baby, don't have a baby... it's your life and YOUR choice. Protect that right.