Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Post

I lived most of my life until recently under the false impression that being female equated with being feminist. Begrudgingly, I realized that not all women called themselves feminists, some women didn’t like the word “feminist,” and that feminism is often thrown around as an insult. It is now my understanding that not enough girls are taught about feminism and how it relates to them. Instead, lots of girls assume that feminists all hate men, don’t shave, hate fashion, burn bras, and want to take over the world. So then are wary about associating themselves with “the f-word.”

It is the goal of this blog to familiarize girls with “the f-word” (feminism) and show them that it is not only relevant to their lives, but important and fun. Being able to look at history, current events, and social norms with a feminist perspective has enabled me to have a much more broad understanding of my life and how I am shaped by all sorts of outside factors.

Too many girls (and boys) are hesitant to use the word feminism in relation to themselves when they actually hold feminist beliefs because they don’t fully understand the meaning of the word. I think that if more people understood the history and scope of feminism they would realize that they were actually feminists. So this blog is going to have a little bit of everything. A little history (I swear it’s not like a text book), a little bit about feminism now, and a little bit from you—because feminism doesn’t just exist in theory, it’s shaped by the people who participate in it.

So, what do you think?

-Liz Pride

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